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Hello it is an honor for me to forward and instigate our website www.mndu.net I felt luck that I am accompanied with such a group of dedicated ambitious and highly motivated colleagues who, I am sure, will not save any effort to carry on the mission and to reach up to our The website is constructed to be an instructive interactive comprehensive as well as social domain for those who are interested in medical science in general and in nephrology in particular. I hope you find it beneficial interesting and valuable. We are looking forward to receiving your comments feedback and criticism.

Accept all my best

Prof Nagy Sayed Ahmed

Professor of internal medicine and nephrology, Head of Mansoura Nephrology & Dialysis Unit (MNDU)

9th MNDU

9th International Mansoura Nephrology & Dialysis Unit Conference (MNDU 2019)

Internal Medicine Department

Mansoura Faculty of Medicine

Critical Care Nephrology

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